Chili Time!

Vegan Chili Madness Unleashed: Saturday, April 26, 2014, 5:00 pm!
The seventh annual Wake Up Weekend Vegan Chili Cook-off is right around the corner. So bring it. Your best, most creative, most beautiful vegan chili. We’ve removed all barriers to entry. No fees! No cost to attend! A chance to put your best chili chops on some of the most discriminating palates in the area. But whether you’re coming as a competitor or a taster, *please bring your own dinnerware/muffin tin (see below), utensils, cup, and non-alchoholic beverage (if you’re thirsty)*. We want this event to have the smallest possible carbon footprint, and bringing your own washables or compostables can help us with that. Also, please consider doing your forgetful neighbor a good turn and bring a couple extra plates or utensils to share!

If you want to enter a chili into competition:

-Give us a heads-up (if you can–we get that sometimes the mood strikes late) at

-Bring enough vegan chili to serve 10-12 hungry adults. We recommend a crock pot or some other contraption that will enable you to KEEP IT HOT!

-Come a little early to register, set up your chili, and prepare your samples for the judges (106 S. Division, Grand Rapids, think 4:30 pm

-Prepare to win fabulous prizes of delicious products and glitzy swag from Tofurky,  Beanfields ChipsField Roast, and Mercy For Animals, assuming–of course–that you’ve got what it takes to dethrone last year’s triple-crown Champion Laura Mulder (who has eschewed our invitation to the judges panel to battle it out with all comers again this year)!

Not taking the vegan chili challenge? That’s okay. We need you anyway!
– Taste the vegan chili entries
– Place your vote for the People’s Choice Award
– Try some killer vegan food from local restaurants including BartertownBrick Road Pizza, and Wednesday Evening Cookies, and enjoy some amazing samples of the best vegan convenience foods out there from TofurkyBeanfields Chips, and Field Roast.
– Bring a muffin tin to make your tasting duties A SNAP!
– No muffin tin? Just bring a fork and spoon (or maybe one of those messed-up sporks) – we’ll provide taster bowls.
– Bring your own beverage*–some for you, some to share: water, almond milk, juice, kombucha, coconut water–you know, something to drink.
* Please note: This event is all-ages and 106 is an alcohol-free zone. Please make sure your beverage of choice is venue suitable. Thanks!

Sorry muffins. These tins are full up.

Feedback most welcome!

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