Vegan Eats in Grand Rapids!

25 More Reasons to Make the Trip to Wake Up Weekend 2012!
Those of us who live here know that Grand Rapids is herbivore heaven, what with the myriad plant-based choices offered at such GR staples as Bartertown Diner and Roc’s Cakes, Brick Road Pizza, The Heritage Restaurant, Jonny B’z, Little Africa, Marie Catrib’s, Pal’s Indian Cuisine, Rowster Coffee, Stella’s Lounge, and Thai Express. If you’re from out of town, however, we don’t want you to miss our favorite local restaurants–the places that have made herbivorousness too easy and too delicious to turn down. Also, you can troll for ideas on our two home-grown vegan websites, extraVEGANza! and Vegan Grand Rapids. If you’re lucky enough to live in GR, please leave a comment with your favorite veg-friendly restaurants and dishes so that our out-of-town guests will have some leads upon their arrival.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Eats in Grand Rapids!

  1. A few to add:
    Gaia Cafe: (Laid-back breakfast and lunch. Get the Mean Green Burrito, Grilled Tempeh or Veggie Hash)
    Erb Thai: (No frills Thai — good for take-out in a hurry)
    San Chez: (Upscale tapas!)
    Bistro Bella Vita: (Classy Mediterranean fare with emphasis on locally-sourced foods)

    And, although already listed in the post, Bartertown Diner deserves an extra shout-out. Always changing, fairly-priced, creative foods — it’s the best food for the dollar in GR.

  2. Michael is right. San Chez has become veg-friendly. Ask them for their vegan menu, to take the guess-work out of ordering.

    My fav is Marie Catribs. That restaurant MUST expand, they’re becoming too popular!

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