Wake Up Weekend on TV!

When Emily Richett is on the beat, people tune in. That’s why we couldn’t be more grateful to Emily and her Fox17 Morning News Team for generously devoting 15 minutes of their morning show to four different spots highlighting various aspects of Wake Up Weekend. Tune in to Emily’s video feed to watch Wake Up Weekenders making breakfast, talking up our terrific speakers and the KINSHIP Art Exhibition, eating tofu scramble with fresh chia pudding that we demoed in an earlier segment, and attempting in vain to summarize all of our many exciting events in one final round-up spot! Visit Emily’s Facebook Fan Page and tell her you love her. But don’t get too chatty, especially if you’re entering a chili; Emily’s a judge this year and flattery will get you nowhere. It all starts tonight at 7:30 pm with Wayne Pacelle! Let’s do this!

Feedback most welcome!

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