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Sarah McMinn of The Sweet Life Takes the Anxiety Out of Plant-based Cooking!

Ever think to yourself: “I’d love to eat a greener diet, but it seems like such a daunting transition that would mean giving up all my favorite culinary comforts!” As tempting as that thought may be, those of us weeping into bowls of steamed cauliflower have never met Sarah McMinn! This Calvin College alumna turned pastry chef turned vegan Überblogger has the cure for what ails you, whether that’s double-chocolate pistachio donuts, asparagus and sun-dried tomato quiche, portobello sliders with caramelized onions, or any of the mouthwatering raw desserts featured in her new ebook, In the Raw: Small Indulgences from The Sweet Life (chocolate dipped coconut macaroons, anyone?). McMinn’s focus in her workshop on Saturday, April 26 at 1:30 pm will be to demystify vegan food in the three categories of meat, dairy, and eggs, sharing insider info on her favorite substitutes, demoing an incredible chickpea salad, and offering samples of an amazing cashew cheese that can be transformed into things like her legendary Buffalo Cheddar Cheese with Coconut Bacon recipe. Whether you’re starting from scratch with green eating or an expert in vegan cuisine, Sarah’s got the chops to blow your culinary mind!

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