Egan and Cupcakes

First 24 people to register a vegan chili receive a Marie Catrib’s vegan cupcake!

In addition to being the Manager behind the vegan baking wizardry at the much beloved Marie Catrib’s of Grand Rapids, Egan Ferrar is a very generous person. When I asked her to join the prestigious circle of Wake Up Weekend 2014 Vegan Chili Cook-off judges, her first response was to offer to “bake the registrants a special treat to thank them for their participation. If I’m going to judge their hard work,” she continued, “they should get a chance to judge mine.” Quantities are limited, so if you’re planning to enter a chili, now is the time to claim your cupcake. Tell us your name, your preferred contact information, a competition name for your chili and a list of key words for its flavor profile (optional) and we’ll lock down your cupcake! Maybe a close-up of these jumbo juggernauts of cupcakey goodness will motivate you to send that email right now:

Cupcakes close up

Feedback most welcome!

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