2014_CAMOSY copy

Meet the man who took Peter Singer to church. Well, not exactly.

But he did write a pivotal book on Peter Singer and Christian Ethics that has prompted Singer to take religious approaches to applied ethics more seriously than ever before, making public appearances with Camosy to discuss the common ground between atheist and Christian ethics and inviting him to present on the ethics of abortion in Singer’s groundbreaking massive online open course (MOOC) on Practical Ethics at Princeton. Late in 2013, the release of Camosy’s newest book, For Love of Animals: Christian Ethics, Consistent Action, launched a media juggernaut that has landed this Catholic moral theologian from Fordham University on the pages of The New York Times (spotlighting the connection between Catholic pro-life commitments and concern for animals), The Huffington Post (suggesting that Christianity has a role to play in the mainstreaming of vegetarianism), and Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish (talking about everything from Jesus eating fish to the ethics of zoos), among many others.

As this year’s Animals and the Kingdom of God Lecturer, Camosy will address similarities between the pro-life and pro-animal movements, provoking pro-lifers, on the one hand, to consider the implications of their life ethic for their eating practices, and provoking animal advocates, on the other, to consider how their concern for vulnerable animals pertains to their moral outlook on prenatal human beings.  Come for the provocation, stay for the reception, and get your signed copy of the book that has put Christian animal ethics in the white hot media spotlight.

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