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You’re probably wondering, “Where have I seen this guy before?”.

It might have been on CNN. Or it could have been that spot on CNN. Or maybe it was that thing on CNN. I know! It was that video of his last appearance at Calvin College, an institution he holds in such high esteem that he named his new cat after us! In any case, there is no shortage of opportunities to see Paul Shapiro making headlines, and he’s been making them for nearly two decades. Since founding Compassion Over Killing as a high school student in 1995, Shapiro has been working relentlessly to make the world a better place for animals, most recently as the Vice President for Farm Animal Protection at The Humane Society of the United States, the world’s largest and most favorably expert-rated animal welfare non-profit organization. You’d think a person this accomplished would be inaccessible, but after ten minutes of conversation with Paul, you’ll feel like you’ve known him for years. Join us for his presentation on the progress afoot in contemporary animal advocacy and make a new, old friend in the movement!

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